General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Included in the price:



The amount for the excess or deductible will vary depending on the category of the vehicle. In the case that the client does not wish to contract the collision damage waiver insurance (CDW) to cancell the excess, he/she must leave a deposit to cover for possible damages not covered by the insurance. The amounts varry according to the car category:


This coverage does not include damages caused to the tyres, wheels, glass, and car mirrors. In order to insure these items, the client can purchase a different insurance (SCDW). The price of this insurance is explained a little later. 


This deposit will be charged on the clients credit card upon pickup. If the customer returns the vehicle in the same condition in which it was collected, we will proceed to the return the deposit. Damages caused to the vehicle that are not covered by the insurance will be charged against the deposit.


In case of any accidents or damages to the vehicle, the customer is required to fill out an accident report and deliver it to our office. Also, if the vehicle is stolen, the customer is required to report to the police and submit the complaint in our office.


Any accidents or damages to the vehicle not notified shall be construed as negligence by the customer and this may incur to additional charges.

Exchange of Cars

The rental contract between the client and AUTOCENTER MALLORCA M. SL is only valid for the car mentioned in the contract. In cases of damages caused by the client, Minicar is not obligated to exchange the damaged car for a different one. That counts especially in cases of grave negligence or violations of the traffic laws.

In cases of technical problems or damages caused by a third party, an exchange is possible depending on the availability.

Not included in the price and considered extras:

The CDW insurance to cancell the excess:


For you complete tranquility, the SCDW insurance which covers damages to tyres, wheels, glass, and mirrors. This insurance acts as a complement for the CDW insurance:


Additional Drivers: € 3 / day. Maximum of € 30 per driver per hire period


Insurance "Young driver" for drivers between 21-25 years old: €8/day

In these cases there is no possibility to cancel the Excess, and hiring is only allowed for groups A, B, C


Insurance "Senior driver" for drivers over 70 years old: €8/day

In these cases there is no possibility to cancel the Excess.


Any accessory GPS, child seats, etc .. Prices are available to the customer at the time of booking on our website.


Not covered by insurance:

It is the resposibility of the renter the following cases of loss or damage:


Credit cards

We only accept VISA or Mastercard


24 hours, 365 days a year.


Fuel policy

The car has to be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the beginning of the rental.


Traffic Fines

AUTOCENTER MALLORCA M. SL charges an administrative fee of 25 Euros (VAT included) to the client when we receive a traffic ticket. AUTOCENTER MALLORCA M. SL is obliged by law to provide information of the renter to the authorities in case of a traffic fine. This fee does not include the payment of the traffic fine; The customer must pay the authorities directly.


Abandonment of the vehicle

Clients abandoning vehicles elsewhere than the agreed in the lease shall be liable for costs incurred for breach of contract. Moreover, apart from the daily rental fee, a daily charge of 30.25 Euros (VAT included) penalty will apply.




Standard or extreme cleaning

The rental price includes a standard cleaning of the vehicle, however, if the vehicle is returned extremely dirty, AUTOCENTER MALLORCA M. SL will be forced to charge € 95 for special cleaning.


Cancellation policy

Cancellations without penalty must be made with a minimum of 96 hours respect to the start of rent which shall be considered at 08.00 am on the first day. Otherwise the following shall apply: - Between 96 and 72 h be paid 25% of the total agreed price. - Between 72 h and 48 h, 50% will be paid the agreed price. - Between 48 and 24 hours will be paid 75% of the total agreed price. - Less than 24 hours shall be paid 100% of the total agreed price.


Late return of the vehicle

If the vehicle is returned later than the date agreed in the lease, the insurance will be invalidated, and the customer will be responsible for payment of € 30.25 per day (VAT included). In addition to this payment, the customer will also be responsible for paying the daily rental rate.


Pick up/ return at the airport

The customer only pays the parking fee at Palma airport at the time of collection. AUTOCENTER MALLORCA M. SL will pay the parking fee when the customer returns the vehicle at the termination of his contract.


Extra conditions for the vouchers

Status and applicable law


The parties submit to the case-law of the Court of Palma de Mallorca and expressly renounce to another jurisdiction. Spanish law applies to the contractual relationship.